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My name is Brianna Elise Caballero and I am the face behind the camera lens!

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I am a Cuban American originally from Miami, Florida and have been living in Orlando with my family for close to sixteen years. Aside from my obvious passion for photography, I crave the beach like I crave my coffee, I'm almost always wearing a headband and I secretly splurge on rugs. I know, weird splurge, but I'm obsessed with the aesthetic a unique rug can bring to any room!


I'm passionate about capturing what your love has created. As an experienced fine art photographer and wedding industry professional, I make sure that if I have the privilege of serving you, you have nothing less than a valuable and personable experience with me! 

On a normal day you'll find me running around for my family, while simultaneously working away for you! 

Needless to say, I get by with a lot of grace and caffeine! I am grateful for my life full of what we call, "happy chaos."

Whether I'm capturing your wedding day, life moment, or helping plan it with P.S. I Love You Productions, I'm grateful to come alongside and serve you!

Brianna Elise

Image by Evie S.